New to working from home? We’re sharing our top tips on how you can stay productive and positive, especially if you’re not used to working from home away from your colleagues. 


Get organised 

First things first, it’s easy to set your alarm 5 – 10 minutes before you ‘officially’ start work. But we really recommend getting up early, having a little stretch, maybe even doing some exercise or meditation and eating breakfast. This will really set you up for the day, once you’ve done this, before checking any emails write your to-do list this means you’ve got all your important must do tasks written down prior to anything that has been sent out of work hours. Then check your emails and see if you need to re-priortise anything on your list. 


Take breaks 

It’s easy to forget about taking breaks, especially when you’re working from home. But it’s really important you stop, move away from your desk (whether it’s make-shift or not) and take a break. If you don’t have set hours for your lunch, make sure you’ve communicated with your team that you’re taking a break and an expected time you’ll be back. 


Don’t work from your bed!

The last thing you should do is work from your bed. We know for some, this might be your only option. But if it’s possible, create yourself a little workspace, whether that’s changing your dining table or breakfast bar into your work station. Putting away any ‘work related’ stationary once your working hours are over. Essentially closing the door on work for the day. This way, you’re allowing yourself to establish a work routine, separating your personal home life and work. 


Disable notifications

If you use your personal phone for work, now is the time to disable those pesky notifications. With fewer notifications, you’ll be less likely to pick up your phone and scroll for what may seem like 5 minutes, when really it’s been an hour. This helps with reducing distractions, but also allows you to have plenty of things to catch up on during your free time. 


If you’ve got any suggestions on how to work from home productively, let us know on social! 

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