After being introduced in 2015, Facebook recently decided to remove the grey badge as of 30th October. Some may have even been removed already! Facebook claims, users were saying the badges are unclear in terms of representation and what difference they held to the official blue badge status. 

The grey badge was originally designed to display page authenticity. Being available to all pages which verified their official details with Facebook themselves. If a business page had a grey badge, they were the real deal, just not as high up in the food chain as the blue badge holders! 

Should you care? 

Yes in a short answer. Whether you had a grey badge or not, organic marketing is on the decline due to an increase in ad spend over recent years. Whether you’re a social media whizz or a business owner running your own social channels, now is the time to put in the effort to prove your pages authenticity by post regularly. Because if you didn’t know, Facebook has been cracking down on user identities lately. 

Not sure how to prove your pages authenticity? We’ve popped a few handy tips below to follow. 

If you’re the page admin: 

  • Keep your personal profile up to date
  • Make sure you have a profile pic 
  • Use a verified email address.

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