Across the globe, 1.6 million people are connected to a small business on Facebook. Getting in front of those people is relatively easy, Facebook claim “with a few clicks, you can run ads across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.” Which is true, you can. But are you using Facebook ads correctly is the real question. We’ve put together a few points to consider when creating ads, but if you need any help – we’re always on hand! 


Choosing the right Facebook objective 

What’s your goal? Is it to drive sales, raise brand awareness, direct traffic to your site or something else? Understanding your end goal will help you with choosing the right ad objective. 


That being said, jumping straight into the conversion goals (e.g. sales, store visits and conversions) could be wasting your budget. Especially if you’re new to Facebook and haven’t yet raised awareness. Our top tip, raise your brand’s awareness first before going in with the task of creating conversions. You’ll help your future ads and won’t be sinking your budget!  


Considering your approach

Hard or soft sale? It all matters. Choosing the right call to action is so important. Tying in with the above point, your objective and CTA should reflect one another. If you’re using a consideration objective such as ‘direct traffic to website’, really the last CTA you’ll want to use is “buy now”. Look for a more softer approach such as “learn more”. You’ll see a big difference in ad performance and your overall budget. 


Placement targeting

Are you placing your ads in front of your audience? Sure, you might be selecting “automatic placements” when creating your ad, but you realise that includes the right hand placement? (FYI – this is a desktop only placement!) According the Sprout Social, 96% of global Facebook users use mobile devices, so already you’re wasting your budget. Untick it, it’s really not helping you. 


Mobile optimisation

Seeing as 96% of the global Facebook users browse the platform on mobile, don’t you think you should be optimising your ads? Using a ‘one size fits all’ approach really isn’t going to help your ad performance. Portrait images take up more space on the newsfeed and are hard to miss; videos need subtitles – this helps those who maybe don’t have earphones on them but still want to engage. And most importantly, your content is hidden by the ‘read more’. STOP! You need attention grabbing content to stop your potential customer from scrolling past you. 


Switch up your social strategy, don’t get lost amongst the crowd. Drop us a line today!